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Your Horoscope This Week: October 10, 2021


It’s the second week of October and another week of Mercury retrograde, a fairly common transit that’s not afraid to make a name for itself this Libra season. Saturn stations direct in Aquarius on October 10th, offering a kind of stern relief in the face of exhaustive efforts to get the bare minimum done. “Here,” Saturn says, pulling out a sturdy cushion-less chair that wobbles just a little. “Rest.” 

Take it where you can get it, friends, and as often as you can, even when Oct 12th ushers in a restless first quarter moon in Capricorn. You can put work in (as necessary), but you’ll find that the more you over-extend yourself, the more signals you’ll get that the work is doing you in rather than doing anything for you. 

Never a bad time to tune into Venus in Sagittarius, an influence not unlike that kooky high school language teacher who just wants to remind you that learning can be fun even if what you’re learning is how to live. On the 13th, Venus in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius echoing these sentiments, and on the 16th Mercury Rx in Libra sextiles Venus in Sag asking us to take that and rewind it back, possibly find some beats that make our booties go (clap). With the Sun in Libra applying a tense square to Pluto in Capricorn the next day, discipline is always on the table. But, whether you apply a disciplined approach to cultivating joy or nursing your sorrow, feasting or fasting, it’s your choice to make, and no choice is wrong. Some are just more difficult to live within.

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

You don’t have to choose, you know, between having a personal life and a professional one. You don’t have to choose between an image you’ve cultivated in order to feel powerful and the very powerful feeling of being seen by someone you care for. You don’t have to choose, but this world will do its damndest to test your balance as you tightrope between the private and public world. Faith is where the magic lives, not in some higher power (although, sure, that too), but in yourself. Faith that you always already deserve the love you give others. Faith that you can steady yourself when the wind shakes the rope. Faith in your ability to land gracefully in the net you’ve secured for yourself. Faith in your ability to bounce back. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

Sometimes changing your tactic means admitting you’ve changed. Sometimes, your ducks won’t get in a row until you spend some time figuring out what ducks are and how they mean to be in the world. Of course, you’re no stranger to taking your time, dear Taurus, but what most don’t recognize is just how much of that time is spent adjusting and evaluating your every move in the hopes that you might produce something that pleases everyone involved (even those who initially refuse your offering). It’s exhausting and often invisible labor so why keep doing it? Focus on what works for you. Imagine the work you want to be doing, imagine yourself in your element. Who are you? And how do you mean to be in the world? Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

This week can be a really creative time for you, if you let it. And, as usual, how you define creative is entirely up to you… which is truly an open door since you have a gift for generating meaning. The trick here is to focus on the process, the making of the thing and how it can alter you, and redefine your parameters. Perfection has no place here and neither does a neat ending or crisp packaging. If you’ve been part of a project that’s a little difficult to get off the ground, figure out what creative work-arounds would renew your commitment and enliven it. Let burnout lead you toward creation the way a fire cleanses a field. Trust that you have other methods within you that bring about both a sense of purpose and space to play.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

Libra season tends to bring up your relationship issues and aspirations, especially when it comes to your understanding of home and whether it’s possible to feel at home with others. We’re encouraged to be strategic about our futures, to build nests and choose our partners wisely. So much of our focus is trained outside ourselves, measuring others to see if they measure up. It rarely feels good and it often results in a feeling of distance when intimacy is what we crave. This week, try to step to the side of comparisons and stay present in the home you’ve been building within yourself. It’s a good home, already whole as it is. And, when you’re ready, it can be part of a constellation of homes that work perfectly in their own way.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

There’s something about Leo’s passionate disposition that can really fuel an all or nothing approach. It’s true that some things in life are worth giving your all. But, since your all is quite a bit more than most people’s, it’s worth considering if that kind of out-pour might be more strategically employed in the case of once in a lifetime opportunities rather than… say… a contracted position you’re expected to honor for a series of months. Plus, you’re unlikely to dial down the effort as time goes on since you’re not one to be shown up, not even by yourself. This week’s stars offer you the opportunity to create a measured approach to your schedule that takes your well-being into account while doing work you can be proud of.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

When you choose your own path, it’s not unusual to doubt yourself. And it’s tempting to respond to doubt with proof. If you’re someone who has chosen to *do what you love* it’s not unlikely that you’ve also chosen to work yourself to the bone just to prove that you deserve to spend your days doing what you love. In this world where you can, with some chutzpah, commodify just about everything and everyone, there’s value in figuring out just what the trade-offs actually are. While this may not be your predicament exactly, these considerations are just as applicable in situations where you’re negotiating what it takes for you to feel secure and what allows you to create and participate in meaningful experiences. Working on ways to affirm your own efforts and award them with rest will dispel your doubt quicker than impossible bench marks and overtime.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

Libras are often called indecisive but most Libras-lovers know that once a Libra makes a choice, that choice is pretty much set in stone. When it comes to what matters to them, you’ll rarely hear a Libra defer to someone else’s judgement. What some people mistake for indecision is more likely cautiousness. Libras resent having to choose the “lesser of two evils” for instance, preferring to wait until there’s no choice left to make and they can simply claim to be along for the ride. This week, if you find yourself pressured to choose between different extremes that don’t reflect your desires, try to remember that while some people resent your resistance to peer pressure, more people admire it. The key to keeping the peace is saying no out loud rather than waiting for your descent to become obvious through your actions.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

Well, it might not be Scorpio season yet, but it’s definitely spooky season. While the Northern Hemisphere revels in the death of the natural world, the Southern hemisphere revels in the resurgence of it. The wheel is turning and if there’s anything Scorpio understands it’s a sacred circle. Holding that ouroboros in your mind will serve you well as your ruling planet Mars continues under the stars of Libra. While the transit might have some Martians (ahem, Aries, ahem) feeling tied up, poets and Scorpios alike know that there’s a lot to be gained in a little restraint. Sometimes, limitations give way to a different kind of limitlessness. Sometimes you have to learn the contours of a container to know just where to break it and do so beautifully.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

Of course it’s lovely to have Venus under your stars, but it’s worth remembering that Venus rarely makes a promise. Like love, Venus arrives on her own schedule. Better, then, to get clear on what it is you’re calling into your orbit, make the call and leave a message. No use in sitting by the telephone or getting upset when someone else’s timeline doesn’t line up with your own. Venus in Sagittarius makes a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius on the 13th, encouraging you to reach out to those who have reached out to you and nurture some new connections. The Sun in Libra makes a trine to Jupiter on the 15th, echoing what’s already on your mind: There’s better ways to waste your time and better ways to spend it, too. It’s up to you to show Venus how you’d like to live and how you’d like to be loved, too.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

Good news! Saturn finally stations direct on Oct 10th! But wait! The Saturn Rx shadow period is significant, so it’s a good time to apply this transit’s (which began on May 23rd) lessons, but not advisable to make big commitments to new projects. While this Tuesday’s quarter moon in Capricorn might have you itching to get something off the ground, a square to Mars in Libra is here to remind you of the limitations that Saturn has set. Mercury Rx doesn’t exactly help the cause. What to do when all lights are yellow but you’re ready to put your hoof to the gas pedal? Yes to inner work, yes to building an audience and anticipation for your future endeavors. But what about some play? What about taking Oct 13th’s trine from Venus in Sagittarius to Saturn as a signal to have a lil fun while you wait for the light to change?Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

Did you know that, traditionally, Aquarius answers to Saturn? Would you believe that, with Venus now in Sagittarius, most of the planets we look to for guidance are looking to Saturn this week? Which, thankfully, stationed direct on the night of October 10th in Aquarius. The power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has… You get it. What if you regarded Tuesday’s first quarter moon in Capricorn as an invitation to launch something new into the world, something that is rooted in your relationship to power as you understand it — not scarce energy maintained through violence, but an ever-shifting sacred wellspring born between people coming together.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

Libra season can get pretty intense for Pisces babes, especially Pisces risings whose eighth  house is ruled by Libra. This time of year feels both charged with potential and difficult to access, like a locked door with a combination you’re desperately trying to recall. It can feel tempting to obsess about it, to convince yourself that once you figure out this One Thing, you’ll know peace. But Amerie was lying to herself when she sang that it’s just “1 thing.” There’s always another. Try your best to redirect your attention and let the answers come to you on their own time. Ceres in Gemini trines Mercury Rx in Libra, reminding you that transformation is also possible through a harvest of your past experiences rather than via access to whatever is still behind closed doors.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

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Your Horoscope This Week: September 26, 2021


It’s the last week of September and the first week of Mercury’s retrograde transit through Libra. But, with Mercury not only stationing retrograde just two days after Mars in Libra makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, but also just one day after the Sun in Libra makes a trine to true node in Gemini, it’s a two-steps forward, one-step back kind of dance — and a decidedly Libran one at that. 

The dance continues both when our last quarter moon in Cancer applies a square to the Sun in Libra, as well as on the 29th when the Sun in Libra makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius. There’s a sense here that in order to collaborate — to work things out and to keep building together — we’re going to have to give each other emotional respect. Of course, honoring the emotional experience of others shouldn’t preclude our ability to advocate for ourselves and for what we believe in. If we’re going to move forward, we have to take a few steps back and do maintenance on the foundation. Trust is integral here, but — no matter how much some Libra and Cancerian babes might wish it otherwise — trust is not a tacit exchange based on implied expectations. It’s a contextual dialogue and a dialectic, too, an emotional contract that changes shape with each new endeavor.

But, like any dialectic, what we feel and what we believe to be true and what we expect from others is informed by our larger cultural experience, by systemic privilege and systemic violence. When our retrograde Mercury squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on October 1, we’re reminded that there’s room in every relationship for those conversations too, and there’s a palpable shadow when that room feels locked or inaccessible, like a weighted silence, like a ghost. Venus in Scorpio makes a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn the next day, in mutual reception with Libra, reminding us that even when we feel like we can’t move forward, we can, at least, go deeper.

Aries Sun & Aries Rising

Ask not what Libra season can do for you, Aries, but what you can do for Libra season. With your ruling planet, Mars, in Libra and Venus languishing in Scorpio (who is also ruled by Mars) you’re primed to witness a little thing called mutual reception. Straight-shooting Mars practices restraint under the stars of Libra, called to consider the experience of the other before moving ahead. Venus’s harmonic nature catches on the barbed wire fence that surrounds Scorpio, a reminder that what we’re attracted to isn’t always easily accessible. That pain is a part of beauty too. Alone, these transits are stultifying and discouraging. But, when you tune into both, when you allow the depth of your desire to guide you through collaboration and conflict, you touch a secret link between heavenly bodies — between planets, yes, but also between yourself and other people.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Taurus Sun & Taurus Rising

In this economy, doing the kin-work and the money-work, the emotional labor and the self-maintenance, really adds up. To get it right, we’re encouraged to commit ourselves to all of it. And, while there may be some truth to the holistic approach, it’s also true that the modern work-week was not designed with our mental health and relational wealth in mind. In this economy, resisting comparison can be a challenge. Comparing yourself to others who seem to have it all in balance, comparing your own strides to the lack of effort that others you care about seem to be making — why don’t they care more, why don’t I care less? Much of what feels known is decidedly not. Instead of using what you feel against yourself or against others, focus on the space created by this period of unknowing. Questions create an intimacy that statements rarely do.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Gemini Sun & Gemini Rising

It’s true that Mercury retrograde has a big reputation for causing trouble but not everyone is affected the same way. Of course, Geminis are ruled by Mercury, so it’s often the case that they find themselves especially sensitive to this transit and all its repercussions. Yet sensitivity isn’t inherently a bad thing. The state of being sensitive, of being receptive to stimuli and aware of others, makes for a heightened reality, one that provides for much of the beauty created in this world. To create art, after all, one must be sensitive. To revolt, one must be sensitive. This week, try to tune in to the ways your sensitivity informs your relationship to the world. Try to step to the side of the pressure to produce meaning, or to produce in general. The beauty is in the work of creating, the joy and difficulty of giving public form to a private world.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Cancer Sun & Cancer Rising

When heavy moods linger for too long, it’s time to get curious about their origin and their meaning.There’s something to be said for tuning into the world, for accepting the malaise that arises whenever we stick our heads out of our crab shells and witness the wreck. It’s your right to grieve, not just for what’s transpired but the futures that seem increasingly foreclosed. It’s your right to grieve, but grief is not a place to live, nor is it a destination. It’s only natural that we hold tightest to old patterns, to what we imagine as “knowns,” when everything around us appears to be changing rapidly. Try to remember that resisting change is a heck of a lot harder than surrendering to it.  Our Sun’s transit through Libra invites you to look at the places where you can stand to loosen your grip and still feel secure. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Leo Sun & Leo Rising

When Mercury stations retrograde, we’re advised to delay negotiations and stay wary of miscommunications. While that advice might work generally, it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone. A little nuance, for the folks in the back. Yes, it’s in your best interest to practice a little bit of discernment when it comes to setting things in stone but it’s also in your best interest to renegotiate old agreements and clarify the terms of your relationships. Try to remember that when it comes to the important conversations, a few blunders are bound to occur, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait on the “right words” or the “right time.” Coming to an understanding is a collaborative work and collaboration is rarely smooth at first. It takes time to get into the groove of a shared rhythm, to dance together.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Virgo Sun & Virgo Rising

Just because Virgo season is over doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. In fact, there’s a good chance that the less attention is on you, the more fun you’re likely to let yourself have. For Virgo risings this can be especially true, what with Venus transiting your secretive, Scorpionic, house of communication and flirtations, too. But, with Mercury stationing retrograde come the 27th and a square to Pluto in effect, be mindful of writing checks you can’t cash, whether that applies to your spending or your dance card. If you’re in the mood to go big, double down on what provides you with returns. Don’t simply ask, “How long will this last?” But rather: “Will this add to my well-being exponentially? Or just temporarily?”Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Libra Sun & Libra Rising

No matter how even-handed you try to be, there’s always something that arrives to remind you that the true nature of the world is far from fair. Take, for instance, Mercury in Libra stationing retrograde just a week after the Sun shifts beneath your stars. The Sun in Libra applies a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, and you’re more passionate than ever about what you’re creating. But, Mercury’s square to Pluto in Capricorn has a way of getting you hung up on past mistakes, applying old reasoning to new opportunities. “Opportunities” is a key word here, and aside from your own doubts, there’s no amount of red tape that can stand in the way of your drive. Don’t waste your time preparing for the unknown. Instead, imagine balance as a physical practice. Focus on what’s certain and move forward one sure step at a time.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Scorpio Sun & Scorpio Rising

Another week, another chance to tune into Venus in Scorpio tuning into Mars in Libra. So, pray to whatever it is you pray to, and make it happen. What is “it,” exactly? Good question. Venus in Scorpio isn’t exactly the best at disclosing her intentions, and neither is Mars in Libra for that matter. It’s true that Venus in Scorpio is rarely satisfied; there’s a gravitational force to this transit, a pulling inward like quicksand, a suck. With Mercury in both Libra and retrograde, what’s unsaid and underneath can start to take on a power all its own. Like a lie that runs away from us or a dream that we confuse for a memory, the line between realities is a thin one and open to interpretation. Perhaps then, the issue of making things known can be set aside for a later date. Focus on protecting your energy and your psychic space: Sleep more.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Sagittarius Sun & Sagittarius Rising

What if alienation is a precursor to community-building? What if all those months of floating around untethered, unsure of what you had to offer to the collectives you were once a part of, unclear on whether you were open to receiving from the sources you once trusted, was part of a cycle? You spin the wheel, you find your place, you contribute as you are able until what was once novel becomes routine and then the wheel spins again. It can be difficult to admit that no matter how independent you might be, no matter how good you are at being alone, routines are habit-forming. To go from seeing someone(s) all the time to not at all is not only painful, it is disorienting. But, trying to avoid that feeling by resisting association is unrealistic. Alone, you fortified your boundaries, but putting yourself out there is the best way to put them to use. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Capricorn Sun & Capricorn Rising

They say that sometimes you choose a path and sometimes that path chooses you. Bu thent, this saying sorta cedes responsibility to a greater power like, “hey, this career happened upon me.” Of course, most of what we spend our lives doing is a combination of intention and happenstance. While you might spend years making yourself a valid applicant, the hands that application falls on has very little to do with free will (and this includes the privileges one is born with and doesn’t earn). Which is all to say that while we spend a lot of time, effort, and resources getting to where we are, there’s no guarantee that we’ll like where we end up, that we won’t be changed by the journey. Time is revelatory, but so is getting what you want. Sometimes, all it teaches you is what you don’t and maybe that was the big plan all along.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Aquarius Sun & Aquarius Rising

Could it really be true that the more faith you have in yourself, the more proof you receive that you have everything you need to build the life you want? Could it be true that traveling, reading more, changing your seat to change your perspective, offers you a greater sense of what’s possible? Yeah, it really could. If that’s the case, if you’ve had to learn these lessons over and over, then why does it feel so hard to move through the world as if your lessons are done? There’s the structural inequity issue, yes, the many ways human beings are taught to relinquish power, the many violences beyond our control. But, there’s also the fact that fear is its own god, and serving it creates worlds just like faith does. It’s the old lesson wearing a new face, asking you whether what’s familiar is secure like a home — or secure like a cage.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

Pisces Sun & Pisces Rising

It only makes sense that as we change, so do our relationships to others. And, while we’re inundated with the idea that successful relationships keep expanding to take more and more space in our lives, there are other natural ways for our relationships to change. It’s natural to be drawn to people who work on us and leave us transformed, even if the only lasting part of that intimacy is the transformation. It’s natural to feel unmoored when collaborations and partnerships we were once a part of seem to get on well without us, to use the adaptability of others as proof of our own inconsequence. You can feel longing — and even loss — when you recognize that the story you wrote can’t be the story you live. But, you can pick up wherever the story left off, knowing what you know now about the beauty of an ending.Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

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Hold dried out corn Powder

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Vacuum hold-dried foods is a kind of food items that eliminates moisture content by sublimation within a vacuum status. When compared with traditional drying processes, (including drying, hot air drying out, infra-red or microwave oven drying), it can basically keep the shade and shade of clean foods. Aroma, preference and nutrients, and will maintain a dependable foods composition, its tissues is just as loosened as being a sponge, as well as the rehydration rates are higher. The food highly processed with the hold-drying procedure may be 60Percent less heavy for various meats, 90% lighter in weight for veggies, and 70Per cent to 90Per cent less heavy for fresh fruits, which brings excellent efficiency to transport and people’s transporting, and can be kept for many years. It deteriorates and will be held for quite a while at place temperatures.

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The necessity of through an air purifier using a Hepa filtration system

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What Off-Label Use Of The COVID Vaccine Means For Kids


While Dr. Pottinger suggests that parents of children with compromised health, or who are members of a family with medical considerations talk to their pediatrician about their options, there’s likely not much their doctors will be able to do. Although off-label use of the Pfizer vaccine may be “legally permissible,” providers who use the vaccine off-label will effectively be censured by the CDC. “Clinicians who administer COVID-19 vaccines off-label to children under 12 years would be violating their provider agreement, risking liability for adverse events, and potentially forfeiting payment,” the American Academy of Pediatrics noted. A doctor who prescribes off-label is leaving themselves at risk for being sued, and could lose their eligibility to be in the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccination program, meaning they may no longer be able to administer vaccinations to anyone, The Wall Street Journal reports. Dr. Pottinger adds that although the system and regulations can be frustrating to some parents, the process is safe, it works, and rules are there for a reason. 


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1) Distribute the sheet on to the floor and unpack the cover tent. Obtain the door and turn the groundsheet from the route you would like it to go (make sure the tag for obtaining the door is externally instead of the opposite).

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Get All kinds Of Batteries Today

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Before we begin, let’s understand what batteries are. They are a group of cells through which electrons move, producing an electric charge. All batteries are made up of three elements:

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Important about Garlic Powder

Seasoning wholesale

garlic powder, sessional for cooking

Garlic powder bulk that may be utilized for a variety of applications, from preparation to finishing dishes. You don’t have to chop or grate garlic, and you don’t worry about the smell getting on your hands. It can be stored easily, so it is a convenient seasoning if you keep one. You can easily make delicious pasta and potato dishes. There are fine powders that are familiar to GABAN, coarse type, and mixed with spices, so use it according to your cooking recipe.

How to choose garlic powder

See roughness of garlic powder

Garlic powder is roughly divided into two types of roughness. You can use it more effectively by using it properly according to the dish.

The fine powdered garlic powder is known for its ease of mixing with other substances. Sprinkling it over French fries or fried chicken, or sprinkling it on a salad, are just a few of the ways you may use it.

When you wish to appreciate the richness and flavor of garlic, the tiny granular coarse kind is advised. It’s great for not only preparing but also completing food. It’ll be wonderful if you use it when you want to bring out the flavor of garlic.

Simple type or mixed type

There are two varieties of garlic powder: simple and mixed. Simple garlic powder has only garlic as the main component, while mixed garlic powder contains other spices. Please make your selection based on your preferences and use.

Powder using organic garlic is also popular!

We propose goods made with organic or pesticide-free garlic to people who are more health-conscious. You may savor the genuine garlic flavor that receives all of nature’s gifts. In recent years, there has been a rise in interest in food safety, as well as a rise in the popularity of garlic powder made from organic garlic.