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What Off-Label Use Of The COVID Vaccine Means For Kids


While Dr. Pottinger suggests that parents of children with compromised health, or who are members of a family with medical considerations talk to their pediatrician about their options, there’s likely not much their doctors will be able to do. Although off-label use of the Pfizer vaccine may be “legally permissible,” providers who use the vaccine off-label will effectively be censured by the CDC. “Clinicians who administer COVID-19 vaccines off-label to children under 12 years would be violating their provider agreement, risking liability for adverse events, and potentially forfeiting payment,” the American Academy of Pediatrics noted. A doctor who prescribes off-label is leaving themselves at risk for being sued, and could lose their eligibility to be in the CDC’s COVID-19 vaccination program, meaning they may no longer be able to administer vaccinations to anyone, The Wall Street Journal reports. Dr. Pottinger adds that although the system and regulations can be frustrating to some parents, the process is safe, it works, and rules are there for a reason.