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How To Deal With Vagina Chafing In Summer Heat


Vaginal chafing is typically caused by the same things that cause it in between the legs or under the boobs: sweat and friction. “The primary problem is irritation from the skin rubbing back and forth against itself, and it gets worse in the heat when we’re sweating,” says Karen Duncan, MD, OB/GYN, an assistant professor at New York University Langone Health. It can be exacerbated by shaving, wearing tight panties, or wearing shorts with built-in underwear that digs into your skin. It can also occur if you’re having an intense sex or masturbation session, that involves prolonged, painful rubbing of the area. Usually chafing just causes redness and a stinging feeling, but if it’s severe it can lead to swelling, bleeding, and infection, Dr. Duncan notes.