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The casting of carbon steel

The casting of carbon steel

steel industry

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Lantian precision casting and machining produces excellent carbon steel through qualified trainers whose experience with the operating machinery has proved to make this factory the best one. Alongside many other useful products that it produces, carbon steel is one of them. Its products are used in many industries. Some of them are beneath:-

Agriculture industry.

Automobiles and vehicles.

Railways and trains.

Ships and vessels.

Petrochemical machinery.

Pumps and valves

Mining machinery.

Construction machinery

Carbon steel isthe main product that is used in the steel industry. The raw materials needed forthe carbon steel casting processare iron and carbon.

Carbon Steel is divided into three according to the content of carbon present in them which are as follows:-

High carbon steel. This contains over 0.5% of carbon. It is heated with a very high temperature and then suddenly cooled down which hardens it. Through this process, it acquires properties of high strength, high hardness, and elasticity.

Medium carbon steel: It contains 0.2-0.5% of Carbon. It’s not as hard as High Carbon Steel. Hence, they are used in fields where medium hardness is required eg in building materialls. Also, they are used in the production of mechanical parts.

Low carbon steel: It contains less than 0.2% of Carbon. It has very low strength and hardness due to which it is also known as soft steel. They are cheap as compared to the two above and they are highly resistant to wearing down. Also, they can be strengthened and their ductility and their ability to process can be increased through heating.