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MonthDecember 2020

Custom, Themed, & More Puzzle Boxes


If you’ve been gearing up for an unusual holiday season, you aren’t the only one. We too have been passing the time counting down to 2021 on the sourdough baking train while hate-binging Emily in Paris in our bathrobe, and we’ve come to the conclusion that good ol’ fashioned time-sucks are what’s making this year bearable. Hence why a puzzle is 2020’s no-fail, crowd-pleasing present du jour. Firstly, it comes in a box ready to be wrapped and sent to your giftee, second, it’s relatively affordable, and last but certainly not least, it offers a stressless, lo-fi way for our loved ones to concentrate on something other than whatever Doomsday scenario might currently be unfolding in the world around us (aka unwind).