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MonthAugust 2020

Chadwick Boseman Black Panther Star Dead At 43


Boseman may have been best-known on the global stage for playing T’Challa, but he made a mark in two earlier biopics, demonstrating his range as a performer. In 2013’s 42, he played Jackie Robinson, another Black man who broke the mold, integrating baseball in 1947. (It’s a cruel twist of fate that his passing coincides with Jackie Robinson Day.) His performance as James Brown in Get On Up had the verve and vigor of the late singer himself. At the time of Boseman’s death, he had completed filming on Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, and was set to start production on the animated series What If…?, in which he would voice T’Challa. Black Panther II, which was quickly greenlit after the resounding success of Coogler’s film, was set to premiere in 2022. 


Mary Jane Shoes Are Trending All Over Instagram


Mary-Janes appear to be making an even greater than usual return in the fashion world, with Riccardo Tisci’s T-bar style for Burberry looking to once again dominate the fall footwear scene and Cecilie Bahnsen’s quilted pair (designed in collaboration with Charles & Keith as part of a collection aptly titled Back To School) being spotted all over Instagram. Also in the mix are Prada’s iteration, which appears to be a hybrid between a Mary-Jane and an espadrille; Nodaleto’s early aughts-era chunky-heeled platforms, and Proenza Schouler’s platform take. Carel, the French footwear brand that The Politician star Lucy Boynton (who plays fashion icon Astrid Sloan on the Netflix series) favors both on and off the silver screen, is also a recent favorite on Instagram. (Whether or not that’s a product of the show’s second season being a quarantine must-watch is a question for another day.) And, of course, you can’t talk Mary-Janes without mentioning Dr. Marten’s Polleys, which, like cardigans, are a smash hit among Gen-Zers on TikTok.  


20 Years Later, Bring It On Costumes Are Iconic Fashion


When coming up with the costumes used outside of competitions and practice, Fort envisioned “places that the character could go to, be it the mall or the local boutique.” As the costume designer behind the other most popular film of the time, Mean Girls, she has experience with that. “You try to get into the head of where the characters would be able to go — like, where would Torrance go to get her sweats?” she says. For the Toros, Fort envisioned a beachy look, mimicking what people wore at the time. “It is the antithesis of trendy,” she says. “In Southern California, people wear shorts, people wear tank tops.” Meanwhile, Clovers were dressed in more on-trend fashion of the time. (It should be noted that the mostly-open cardigan with nothing underneath, seen below, is one of the biggest trends of this summer.) “It’s the same with the Clovers. You would go to the places that they go to,” she says. “They had more options of places to go, being from a bigger city. Things that you couldn’t get in the more sort of provincial place like San Diego.”


From Election To Worker Strike


One detained factory worker, who declined to give his full name out of concern for his safety, told the Financial Times that prison guards had asked protesters, “You wanted regime change and democracy? Here you go!” before forcing them to do 100 squats, subsequently beating those who failed to comply. “The first to be arrested were the luckiest, because they didn’t hit them so badly,” the man, identified only as “Yaroslav,” said. “With every passing night the people they brought were treated worse. Two or three people might beat them, one guy even got hit in the face with a truncheon.”


OPI New Fall Nail Polish Colors Inspired By Milan 2020


“Last year, before the pandemic hit, we traveled to Milan to source inspiration for this collection,” explains OPI Co-Founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “We ate fresh pasta, spent hours walking the city streets, and drank Campari while admiring the incredible street style. Of course, at the time, we had no idea the hardships Milan would soon face. But through this collection, we pay homage to the magical city that showed its loving spirit, even at the height of the coronavirus outbreak.”


Your Horoscope This Week


Our energy may feel erratic on Monday, when messenger Mercury forms a square against innovative Uranus. Our ideas and words can get tangled as the planets of communication and unexpected changes clash against each other. On the bright side, we’ll feel extra creative. While we’ll have to be intentional about considering our thoughts before sharing them with others, we can also use this transit to think outside of the box. 

On Tuesday at 12:44 p.m. EST, the Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. This transit can cause us to rush others — and ourselves. One way to tap into patience is to focus on listening to the emotions that come up during this transit; this will let us move forward with purpose.

Power struggles may arise on Thursday, when warrior Mars creates a square against controlling Pluto. The confrontation between these planets can influence us to challenge authority figures or, conversely, we may feel challenged by others. It may feel unnatural, but we’ll find a happy medium during this movement by playing by the rules and avoiding burning bridges. 

Starting Saturday, disruptive Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus, encouraging us to shift our focus towards creating internal change. We may feel frustrated with our progress, but if we focus on solidifying our values as the planet moves in reverse, we’ll be ready to put our best foot forward when Uranus stations direct again in Taurus early next year.

March 21 to April 19

Be open to new ways of doing things, Aries. Keep a cool head on Monday, if things aren’t going the way that you’ve planned. Routine-ruling Mercury forms a square against enigmatic Uranus at the beginning of the week, bringing little surprises your way. Handle them with grace and embrace your flexibility. Be patient with loved ones on Tuesday, when the domestic ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. Open yourself to their perspective during this transit, and mind your words. Continue trying to avoid confrontation on Thursday, when ruling Mars creates a square against transformative Pluto. These planets want to stir things up. Consider the repercussions of your actions before getting into it with an authority figure.

April 20 to May 20

Consider your desires, Taurus. You may need to reassess your needs on Monday, when materialistic Mercury forms a square against career-conscious Uranus. Instead of pushing for more, see if you can work with what you’ve got and stretch your money further. Use this transit to get creative with your budget. Be mindful of your words with loved ones on Thursday, as inner growth-ruling Mars creates a square against affectionate Pluto. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel the urge to challenge your partner over your belief systems during this intense transit. Take time to cool down and understand their point of view. If you’re single, this transit could pull you away from people who do not share your worldview — try not to write anyone off. Looking to level up? You may need to take a break from ascending the ranks starting Saturday when status-ruling Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. Use this transit to work on your professional skills, and be ready to pursue glory again in mid-January, when Uranus stations direct in Taurus.

May 21 to June 20

Are you feeling a little constrained, Gemini? You may be inspired to transform your home on Monday when domestic-ruling Mercury creates a square against creative Uranus. If you share your space with others, make sure that you’re on the same page before taking drastic measures. On Tuesday, you may be tempted to spend. Resist the urge: Your financial-ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus makes you want to act fast, when it would be more prudent to exercise some caution. Fly under the radar on Thursday, as feisty Mars forms a square against routine-ruling Pluto. We’re in the mood to cause a little drama when these planets clash — work to keep the peace whenever possible.

June 21 to July 22

It’s okay to tuck into your crab-shell, Cancer. Stick close to home on Monday, when spiritual Mercury creates a square against innovative Uranus. Take the time that you need to sort through your thoughts and feelings as these planets challenge each other. Meditate on your emotions, and keep a journal as you work through this difficult transit. Be kind to yourself on Tuesday, when the ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. It can feel as though your to-do list is miles long during this moon phase. You’ll want to dive in STAT, but fight that instinct and take a few minutes to write a to-do list first; it’ll pay off. On Thursday, career-ruling Mars forms a square against pleasure-seeking Pluto. This transit tends to raise prickly feelings with others. Be kind to your coworkers and ask for help when you need it. 

July 23 to August 22

Are you having a hard time expressing your feelings, Leo? On Monday, money-minded Mercury forms a square against passionate Uranus. Watch for arguments about material things. To avoid them, be extra-generous, even if you feel like hoarding (unusual for giving Lions). Energetic Mars creates a square against domestic-ruling Pluto on Thursday, creating a confusing vibe in your space. Find harmony by tidying up and ordering in some comfort food. On Saturday, affectionate Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. You may be less interested in PDAs and grand gestures while the planet of change moves in reverse. The time will be well spent processing your emotions; early next year, when Uranus stations direct in Taurus, you’ll be ready to enjoy a new sense of romance. 

August 23 to September 22

What do you do when things don’t go as you’ve planned, Virgo? Work on creating backup plans before Monday when status-minded Mercury forms a square against routine-ruling Uranus. It’s time for you to think on your feet as this transit throws you curveballs. You could learn something crucial about your desires on Thursday, when sensual Mars creates a square against truth-revealing Pluto. If you’re in a relationship, make sure that you communicate these needs with your partner so that you can get what you want. If you’re single, figure out how you can treat yourself with this new knowledge. You may need to simplify your to-do list starting Saturday, when schedule-ruling Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. Use this transit to tweak your calendar in order to make time for what matters. You’ll be down to take on new challenges starting early next year, when Uranus stations direct in Taurus.

September 23 to October 22

Are you ready to change, Libra? On Monday, as inner growth-ruling Mercury forms a square against innovative Uranus. Block out distractions and invest your time in self-discovery as these planets clash. Make time to listen, and embrace the quiet as you evolve. You could be feeling impatient with work on Tuesday, as your career-ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. Get organized first, then dive in, or you risk wasting the day on distractions. Continue to be patient on Thursday, when love-ruling Mars creates a square against materialistic Pluto. If you’re in a relationship, you and your partner may have different ideas about where your shared assets should be spent. Work to find compromise instead of getting hot-headed. If you’re single, this transit could express itself through extreme selfishness — work to get out of your head whenever possible.

October 23 to November 21

Are you feeling a bit cramped, Scorpio? On Monday, messenger Mercury forms a square against domestic-ruling Uranus, bringing with it a cloud of confusion. The antidote: the great outdoors. The fresh air can clear your thoughts. Expect a few speed bumps in your schedule on Thursday, when routine-ruling Mars creates a square against ruling Pluto. People are challenging each other for power as these planets clash, so work to avoid conflict so that you can avoid a hassle. Domestic Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus on Saturday, putting you in the mood to nest. Get cozy, and save any big home improvement projects for when Uranus stations direct in Taurus on January 14, 2021.

November 22 to December 21

Are you craving a little action, Sagittarius? On Monday, passionate Mercury forms a square against change-making Uranus. You may feel inspired by exciting new ideas, but write them down before acting them out — this challenging transit can cause confusion and misunderstandings. Protect your inner self on Thursday, when energetic Mars creates a square against spiritual Pluto. You may have a difference of opinion with someone over matters near to your heart. It’s fine to explain your way of thinking, but try not to lash out. Uranus, the planet of change, stations retrograde in Taurus on Saturday, bringing the tempo of your life down a little. If you let yourself slow down, you may be surprised by how much you’ll be able to learn about yourself. 

December 22 to January 19

Aim to save cash where you can, Capricorn. You may feel pressured to spend a little extra dough to avoid inconveniences on Monday, when routine-ruling Mercury forms a square against money-minded Uranus. Plan ahead by giving yourself more time to get things done: Set your alarm a little earlier on Sunday. It could feel as though things are out of your control on Tuesday when your affection-ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. Use this transit to work on loving yourself more fully, and treat yourself to a little indulgence. On Saturday, materialistic Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. When the planet of innovation moves in reverse, he asks us to focus on how we can better care for ourselves — rather than on what material goods we need. Money matters will be simpler to handle in mid-January, when Uranus stations direct in Taurus.

January 20 to February 18

Do you have a million things to get done, Aquarius? Take a moment to consider what needs your attention first on Tuesday, when the routine-ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. Your task list will feel easier to accomplish once you spend time reassessing your priorities. You may need to bite your tongue at work on Thursday, when warrior Mars creates a square against status-minded Pluto. This transit can drum up power-struggles with authority figures — be careful as you navigate hot tempers and differing opinions. You may notice your energy wanes starting Saturday, when ruling Uranus stations retrograde in Taurus. Use this reverse transit to heal your hidden self, and strengthen your soul. Uranus will station direct in Taurus in mid-January, helping you to find your direction. 

February 19 to March 20

Take a second to gather your thoughts, Pisces. On Monday, affection-ruling Mercury forms a square against progressive Uranus. If you feel pulled in a million directions, reach out to loved ones who understand you, and blow off a little steam in a safe space. Collect your thoughts on Tuesday, when your creative-ruling Moon wanes into her 3rd quarter in Taurus. It may feel as though you need to start all of your projects at once — use this moon phase to figure out where you should begin. Use your gentle spirit to your advantage on Thursday, when money-ruling Mars creates a square against transformative Pluto. Avoid being swayed by others who may try to pressure you by setting healthy boundaries.

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Covid Wedding Ideas During Coronavirus Quarantine


In early March, communications professional Laila Neufville was riding high after an inspiring design meeting with her florist Holly Chapple — one of the last things on the to-do list for her May 23rd wedding. At Hope Flower Farm, Chapple’s property in Waterford, Virginia, they pored over inspiration images and discussed the bridal party’s color scheme. “It was such good energy all around,” said the bride, “I was like, ‘I trust you to do whatever you want. I don’t want to limit or stifle your creativity.’” However, within two weeks of that meeting, said Laila, “things started spiraling.” A trip to Spain to celebrate her 30th birthday and bachelorette, a bridal shower, and then the wedding was put on hold. After Laila joined a Zoom call that Holly organized for all of the brides whose nuptials she’d been scheduled to design that summer (“It was nice to talk to other people who were going through the same process — like, you can grieve [your wedding], but not really grieve it”), the florist invited Laila to host a scaled-down ceremony at Hope Farm. “She was like, ‘You can come say your vows, stay as long as you want; you can watch the sunset, take your pictures, whatever,‘” said Laila.


May 2020 Monthly Horoscope By Zodiac Sign


The month starts on an expansive note. We’re encouraged to open our minds on August 3, when the Moon waxes full in forward-thinking Aquarius and creates a square against change-loving Uranus at 11:58 a.m. EST. This is a day to absorb what is happening around us and focus on flexibility. Chatty Mercury speeds into the proud sign of Leo on August 4, altering how we share our thoughts. We’ll enjoy a new sense of confidence while the messenger planet moves through this sign, but we’ll have to be prepared to put a little extra effort into listening. Charming Venus makes her way into sensitive Cancer on August 7, helping us be gentler with our loved ones. We may notice that we’re more doting toward our partners, or that we’re feeling more open to new relationships. August 15 offers us an opportunity to manage our energy, as change-loving Uranus stations retrograde in reliable Taurus. We’re feeling a little jittery as this planet moves in reverse, and find it more challenging to tether our ideas. It’ll take more intention to center our thoughts, but if we make the effort it’ll pay off when Uranus stations direct in Taurus. Ready to get organized? The Sun enters Virgo’s practical sign on August 22, helping us figure out where loose ends can be tied up. We can use this transit to figure out how we can become more efficient and save time for what matters.