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MonthMay 2020

How To Wash Your Cloth Face Mask: Cleaning Instructions


At this point, we’ve all gotten pretty used to wearing protective face masks. Maybe you ordered yours on Amazon before there was a run on them, or perhaps you made one at home. Some people’s masks might even be designer, with labels like Collina Strada, Jonathan Simkhai, and Alice + Olivia producing stylish alternatives to the protective gear. Heck, even Kim Kardashian West’s shapewear brand SKIMS is selling face masks these days. But while we may now be accustomed to the concept of wearing a cloth mask, one thing you may not be so familiar with is washing them, which is important. After all, your mask won’t do you — or anyone — any good if it’s covered in germs and dirt. 


The Best Wedding Gowns for Every Season


A wedding dress is not just any dress – it is the dress, the most important piece of clothing you will ever wear in your entire life. That’s why it is so important to find the perfect wedding gown, one which truly makes you look and feel unbelievable. Make your wedding dress search easier by learning about the best wedding gowns for every season.

The perfect bridal gown has to do more than merely make the bride look like a goddess (although that is a great start!); it also needs to suit the season, fit in with the venue, and personify the overall theme of the wedding. While venues and themes will vary, there are certain details which are always appealing when in season. For a spring wedding, think romance and flowers. A feminine organza wedding dress accented with delicate organza petals would be delightful for an April or May bride. A floral lace is lovely for an ultra-romantic bride. If your style is more dramatic, opt for an over-the-top three-dimensional floral applique all over the skirt of a strapless wedding gown. It is a haute couture style that will make you look like you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine.

In the summer, the perfect wedding gown is breezy and lighthearted. This is also the time of year to show a little more skin, if you are so inclined. For a beach wedding, a flowing chiffon or organza halter dress is ideal. Add custom beach theme bridal jewelry created from crystal seashells or starfish. Another great idea for a summer wedding gown is to choose a special seasonal fabric. White linen with a little lace trim is fantastic for a casual outdoor wedding. An ivory and white seersucker dress would be marvelous for a seaside celebration. Convertible bridal gowns are also wonderful for summer weddings. Wear the gown long for the ceremony, and then remove the skirt to show off a short party dress for the reception – it fits in perfectly with the festive feeling of a summer wedding.

The best wedding gowns for autumn are warm and rich in color and style. The crisp white dresses of summer are out, replaced by soft ivory, rich cream, or even dramatic golden hues. Custom bridal jewelry in warm colored Swarovski pearls or crystals will complement the rich hue of the wedding gown. Sumptuous fabrics like silk satin or taffeta are gorgeous for autumn brides. Slubby silk dupioni is ideal for the rustic elegant barn weddings which are so popular in the fall months. Beaded or embroidered vine motifs are beautiful embellishments for fall wedding dresses.

In the winter months, the best wedding gowns are full of glamor and elegance. Winter white silk satin or velvet is perfect for the season. Opt for sparkling silver embroidery and heavy crystal beading on the bodice of the wedding gown for the perfect Winter Wonderland effect. In the winter, celebrations tend to be more formal, so this is the time of year to go all out with luxurious details. Dramatic silhouettes such are full ballgowns or fit and flare trumpet gowns are fabulous for winter wedding gowns.

Now that you know what to look for, it is time to start shopping for your dream wedding gown! The great news is that bridal salons stock dress samples for every season all year round, so you will be able to find an amazing Winter Wonderland gown in June or a breezy beach wedding dress in November. Happy shopping!

Indian Wedding Dresses and Wedding Gowns


Indian Wedding dresses are magnificent outfits that make a bride stand out of the crowd on their wedding day. The dresses present a fashion statement reflecting a blend of contemporary designs and emphasize traditional culture. A modern designed bridal dress with immaculate ethnic embroidery offers the best dress for a traditional marriage.

Traditional Indian wedding dresses include an elite collection of bridal dresses, embroided sarees, zari sarees and gem embellished wear that come in different styles. Indian wedding gowns make the most of rich traditional fabrics like tissue, crepes, brocade silk, georgette, zari and many more. Each piece of the bridal wear highlights supreme craftsmanship and grace, which imparts royalty and stylishness to the bride. Most of the traditional wedding gowns are red in color.

Modern Indian Wedding Dresses

The traditional wedding dress is not as popular as it used to be. Modern Indian brides are considering diverse ideas that include unusual wedding gowns and themed ceremonies. Many contemporary designers combine the modern and traditional look. The result is a cool design that looks traditional but highlighting some modern influence. The designs come in colors like rust, red, maroon in winter, cream, pink and gold in hot weather. The combination emphasizes elegance and beauty.

Some popular styles include gaghra choli, salwar kameez and saris. The sari, which is very common is a long fabric worn over a blouse or skirt wrapped around the body. Some styles are simple while others are tucked, punned or pleated elaborately. Ghaghra choli is a long shirt worn on a short blouse known as a choli exposing part of the bride’s stomach though it can be covered with a dupatta. The gown chosen by the bride entirely depends on the culture of the place the bride originates. Indian nuptial dresses are one of the most popular choices for the ceremony. They are exotic and attractive without being difficult to wear or extremely expensive.

If you are thinking of doing something a little unique and different, consider using traditional fashion as a great inspiration for your nuptial gown. There are many varieties and styles, which will lend an exotic touch to the ceremony and the subsequent events. To purchase an Indian bridal dress, order online or visit a gown shop.

Choosing an Indian Wedding Dress

India is a big country with different traditions and culture when it comes to marriages. A wedding is among the most important occasions for any bride. The bridal dress contributes a great deal in making the ceremony a very special event. Every bride should choose a gown that suits her requirements to make the day an unforgettable event. Whether traditional or modern, the gown should enhance the look of the. Normally, brides go for traditional heavy trousseau, which come in many beautiful colors. Metallic colors are also in fashion including colors such as rust brown, and silver.. Transparent fabrics, nets and any feel of lightness are trendy for Indian weddings. Stay away from a golden look and go for a silver or white gold look. Indian nuptial dresses are usually made of rich fabrics like velvet and silk normally worked on heavily in brocade or gold trimmings. Colors like maroon; pink and red are very fascinating for the bridal gown.

Shop UNIQLO Billie Eilish x Takashi Murakami UT Merch


The selection, which as of today is officially ready to shop, combines Eilish’s flair for neon and symbols like the Blosch with the work of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami. And just like the first time the “bad guy” singer worked with Murakami — the artist directed Eilish’s critically acclaimed “you should see me in a crown” video — the result is a work of pure genius. 


2011 Wedding Gown Trends


2011 might seem like a long way off, but bridal gown designers are already hard at work creating the beautiful styles which brides next year will all be coveting. Set to debut in a few months, the first crop of 2011 gowns are embellished with many dimensional details, lots of handstitched crystals, and large floral appliques. Take a sneak peek into the romantic style of the latest wedding gown trends.

For the last few seasons, ruffles have been one of the biggest ways that designers have chosen to add volume and visual interest to their gowns. The bridal gowns which are set to debut soon move away from the ruffle trend, but not from the idea of using embellishments to add volume and femininity. Instead of ruffles, look for gowns with hundreds of tiny three dimensional flowers stitched all over them. Soft petals are another favorite decoration for the romantic gowns for 2011. Oversized clusters of flower “corsages” are another big trend, and they are primarily being used as accents on waistlines or shoulders.

One thing you will not be seeing is a lot of plain dresses or those with simple lines. Asymmetry is still in, both in the form of the one shoulder gown and wedding dresses with asymmetrical draping on the bodice. Very low waistlines are in abundance, and most bodices have ruched, gathered, or draped bodices which hug the figure (the wrapped fabric does a nice job of smoothing over any figure flaws in these tight bodices). Certainly strapless bridal gowns are still a staple, and the one shoulder style is still in style. A new addition to the necklines for 2011 wedding gowns is the tip of the shoulder design which is very slim at the top and just barely grazes the edge of the bride’s shoulder. It is a very flattering neckline for many women, and a nice alternative to the more typical strapless wedding dress.

With all the romanticism evident in the upcoming gowns for 2011, don’t worry that all the petals and flowers mean less sparkle. You will be seeing Swarovski crystals stitched into the center of tiny floral appliques, as well as larger crystals used to embellish the entire gown, from neck to hem. The difference is in the way the sparkly details are being used: more organically and in clear crystal, rather than the icy silver of mirror backed crystals or rhinestones used to create a defined pattern. This will tie in beautifully with the Swarovski crystal bracelets which are one of the top trends for both 2010 and 2011 brides. Stacks of mismatched Swarovski crystal and pearl bracelets are a modern finishing touch for the romantic gown designs.

It seems as though all of the bridal designers will be crazy for texture in 2011. Not only will gowns soon be gliding down the runway embellished with floral appliques and oversized crystals, but designers are using even more interesting accents to create gowns with dimension. Look for multiple sizes of paillettes being used to create a shimmery, faceted appearance on gowns. (Paillettes are essentially larger and nicer versions of sequins, and they are often drilled at the top instead of the center so they can dangle and move.) Even feathers are making a statement as a trendy bridal gown embellishment. These fantastical details are being added to very soft and romantic fabrics like net, lace, and organza to create gowns which are like something out of a fairy tale. Lucky brides!

Summer Dresses & Sundresses That Are Cheap But So Cute


Just because we’re spending a lot more time indoors this season doesn’t mean we can’t still treat ourselves to a new summer frock. And with plenty of warm weather and sunshine on the horizon, we’ll be needing the right (read: light) attire to follow suit. Considering comfort and wearability have been key in formulating our stay-at-home wardrobes, the sweetness of an under-$100 sundress promises to keep us both looking and feeling cool with minimal styling required.


What Qualifies As a Cheap Wedding Gown?


You will often see the moniker “cheap wedding gown”. Just what’s considered a cheap wedding gown, and are they bad dresses all the time, sometimes, or not at all?

Cheap wedding gowns start with price. Basically, a gown can be anything that costs $1,000 or less. That may seem high still, but it depends on the dress, the designer, and where you’re buying it from. For instance, if your purchasing a Vera Wang wedding gown that’s 5 years old and it costs you $1,000, whereas buying one new would have cost you $3,800, then by definition that’s a cheap wedding gown. It’s still quality, but it’s obviously not new anymore, and may have had more than one owner, so it has lost some of its value.

The next thing to consider for cheap wedding gowns are the materials used to make them. There are plenty of knockoff wedding gowns that follow the patterns of top designers that might be made of materials that aren’t of the same quality that the big designers will use. Maybe instead of silk organza a wedding dress is made of some type of cotton or even satin. Maybe the embroidery isn’t all that fancy. Or maybe someone has used beads instead of Swarovski crystals. These types of things would make the dresses cheaper, but not necessarily bad, worthless dresses. They would still look fabulous; they would just cost a lot less.

Something else that helps create cheap wedding gowns is that some designers contract with shops and stores to create multiple copies of lesser designs, which brings the price down. This allows for someone to be able to say they have a designer dress without having to pay top price for it. Most customers know these aren’t the top of the line dresses, especially if they’re brand new, because today’s savvy customer has looked online and seen the top designs on their favorite designer’s websites. But they’re still happy to have a dress that followed the pattern of a top designer.

Overall, cheap doesn’t always mean badly made. Of course there are some badly made dresses, but you won’t usually find those on discount wedding dress sites. Where you’ll find those dresses are at sites where someone offers to make a designer dress for under $400 based on a designer’s pattern. To make a profit, they may skip steps, including complete stitching to make sure the dresses are reinforced.

Retail Employee in New York, NY


Occupation: Furloughed due to COVID-19
Industry: Retail
Age: 21
Location: New York, NY
Salary: Usually $52,000, right now $0
Net Worth: Less than $0 due to debt and lack of income right now, my income is all stimulus money at this point
Debt: $5,500
Paycheck Amount (Supposed to be once a week for unemployment): $0 (Haven’t received unemployment yet)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Monthly Housing Costs: $1,400 a month. I share a 5-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment with 4 other women on the Upper West Side.
Monthly Loan Payments: $59 for student loans
All Other Monthly Expenses: Utilities: $30, Health Insurance: $170 (currently paid for through June), Internet: $15, Video Streaming: $19.16, Spotify: $15, Amazon: $15, Cell Phone: $140 (currently deferred), Donations: $15 to Environment Texas for Pollinator Conservation, Affirm: $81 for a previous vacation to see my grandmother, Credit Card Debt: $80 on my regular Credit Cards, $40 on my department store cards, Meal Kit: $61.00/week


Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses


Your daughter’s wedding is one of the happiest days of your life and it is only normal that you would want to look your best for them on that day. For many full figured women this can be a time of unneeded stress based on the difficulty of finding plus size mother of the bride dresses. Naturally, you need to make sure that not only do you like your dress, but that it also fits in with the other outfits that are being worn at the wedding. You do not want to be wearing a dress that will not look good with the bride’s dress. Although you want to look as good as possible it is not a good idea to wear something that is too over the top because you do not want to take the limelight away from the bride.

Stylish rather than flamboyant is usually the best way for plus size mother of the bride dresses so that you look really good but you do not take away from the big day. The best way is to choose your dress with your daughter so that there will not be a disagreement after you have bought it. And if she doesn’t like the dress that you want there are a lot more dresses out there that will keep her happy as this it her day. There is bound to be a dress that you both like and that fits in with the other dresses for the bride and the bridesmaids. Even if it takes a bit longer to find it is worth it so that things go smoothly.

But even if you are trying as hard as you can to fit in, if you are looking for plus size mother of the bride dresses then there might not be as many different dresses as you or your daughter would like. There are a lot more specialist stores around these days and a lot of the major stores have started to stock more plus sizes, so there should be something that you like that goes well with the theme of the wedding and fits a full figure.

If the bridesmaid’s dresses are being made to order, then it could be an idea to get them to make something for you as well, so that it fits in with the theme of the wedding but is different from the other dresses. The easiest way to do this is to see if the shop also makes plus size mother of the bride dresses. This would also let your daughter help with the choice allowing you the comfort of knowing that she will be happy with it. In the end everybody will be happy and you would have a great dress that was made for you and fits in with the theme of the wedding. But whatever you choose, make sure that you get a good dress that makes you look great and don’t forget to allow plenty of time before the wedding so that you know that you have your dress all finished and there are no last minute hitches, that way you can relax and enjoy the wedding.

How Summer Dresses Can Be Great Alternatives to a Wedding Dress


It is the biggest and most exciting day of one’s life: The Wedding Day. It is a day that every girl the world over has dreamed of for years. Once the fog of happiness clears for a moment however, the seriousness of it all suddenly hits. Weddings need careful planning, organization and management. For a bride-to-be, all of this can be very overwhelming and every little bit of help counts. The bride will be the center of this momentous day. All eyes are on her and her dress. The wedding dress will be the centerpiece of the whole look, so choosing the perfect one is a vital part of the wedding process as any.

There are several conditions to be considered in choosing a dress: budget, wedding theme and location, body type, and the wearer’s personality. Since the wedding dress is to be worn by the star of the event, a big portion of the budget is allocated for it, but a lot of money need not be spent. There are several options available to her from brand new to vintage, renting or buying, couture or designer-made, shop bought or purchased online. With everything so easily accessible, there are almost limitless choices. One of the least explored however is wearing summer dresses for the wedding.

Summer dresses are originally intended to be worn in the summer months, during warm weather. Summer dresses are most often in lightweight fabric and are loose fitting. Wearing summer dresses as a wedding dress is very appropriate for destination weddings and outdoor settings such as beach or garden weddings. Aside from allowing the bride to be comfortable, summer dresses are a unique way to express fashion style without being too costly.

With so many options out there, choosing the right dress may seem like a daunting task but as long as these guidelines are kept in mind, finding the perfect wedding summer dress will be as breezy as wearing it.

COLOR: Dress color can either make or break the whole look. If the wedding has a more traditional feel, summer dresses can be worn in colors such as white, ivory, or cream. For more personality, other colors can be chosen as well. Shades in light pink, yellow, or blue are wedding appropriate. If the bride-to-be is non-traditional and has a bold personality, vibrant colors in red, orange, or bright yellow, can be worn especially to informal weddings. The bride’s personality comes into play when choosing colors. It sets the tone for all other wedding details such as décor and flowers.

CUT AND/OR STYLE OF THE DRESS: Summer dresses come in varied styles. It should be chosen based on one’s figure (pear-shaped, petite, apple shaped, top heavy, bottom heavy, slim and lanky, voluptuous, etc.) and personal fashion sense. An A-line silhouette is flattering for most body types. Show a little bit of skin for a sexier look. Show off shoulders in sleeveless and halter styles. Shorter hemlines are popular among petite women while maxi dresses are more appropriate for tall women. A flowing skirt that rests at just the right places can do wonders for a not so perfect figure. Empire waists create the illusion of length and make the wearer seem like she has longer legs. Necklines draw the eyes upward when the bride is more comfortable showing off that area. The simplicity or complexity of the dress would depend on the look that the bride is trying to achieve. Summer dresses are not limited to one single style, so the wearer can choose from whatever form she feels that is best for her.

ACCESSORIES: The key element to taking the summer dress look from an ordinary day at the beach to a wedding dress for the special day is accessorizing. If the summer dress is simple, glitz it up with metallic accents. For a more formal look, jewelry may be worn to give it an elegant air. For a full beach look, beads and accents with a tribal feel can be worn to reinforce the theme. Thread some flowers through the hair for a delicate feminine flair, or string them up into leis to be worn around the neck, to be worn as bracelets, or anklets. For simple white shifts, wearing a fabric belt in the chosen motif for contrast is a pretty way of setting the colors off. A lace shawl or topper can be worn to disguise the summer dress and keep it wedding appropriate. Wearing pearls and crystals add a glamorous touch as well. Wedding veils aren’t a must for modern weddings, but if the bride chooses to wear one, simple and short styles are more appropriate for summer dresses. The wedding bouquet should be kept simple, so as not to over shadow the summer dress. It is an accent that is meant to compliment and not to be the show stopper itself.

HAIR: Long loose waves over the shoulders compliment summer dresses; flowers in the hair as headbands or accents in an up do works just as well. For a unique look, thread ribbons or beads through one’s tresses for a bohemian touch.

SHOES: Since summer dresses are non-traditional, go for shoes that aren’t as well. Heels may be worn but are more likely to get stuck in the sand for beach venues. Sandals can be worn but draw the line on rubber flip flops. There are dressier options, some with glittery accents and metallic colors. Shoes in the color of the bride’s maids’ dresses are a nice way of tying the whole motif together.

Summer dresses are a great alternative to traditional wedding dresses. Whether going for a casual or formal feel, summer dresses allow the bride to be stylish and unique without breaking the budget. Ultimately, whatever the style or color that is chosen, it is the bride who makes the decision. She should feel feminine, elegant, and beautiful all at the same time, without compromising comfort.