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MonthJuly 2019

Romona Keveza 2019 High-End Custom Wedding Series

Romona Keveza 2019 high-end custom wedding collection, these models wear a three-dimensional cut lace three-dimensional floral wedding dress, the quality is like an empty valley, elegant and dusty. The simple crown and the fresh and chic three-dimensional tulle flower match, there is a kind of slim white magnolia quietly blooming texture. The combination of flowers and lines and leaves is like being in the nature, beautiful and gorgeous.

Holding a chic white phalaenopsis bouquet, the bride is wearing a slant-shouldered mesh embroidered lace fishtail wedding dress. The three-dimensional silhouette is thick and slim, like a vase. The skirt is stretched from the waist to the trailing tail, which is fresh and elegant. The beauty of this is manifested in this advanced customization.

The silk satin can also be worn with such a flowing feeling. The white tone is blended with a soft texture, and the gloss is flat on the skirt. The pleated design of the chest and the ice crystal bead on the belt are elegant and elegant. Is the high-definition wedding dress that you like?

Romona Keveza’s designers are good at combining classic and modern styles to create an unusual wedding dress. The tulle abundance lace on the shoulder adds a three-dimensional texture, and the simple yet smooth cut makes the small trailing wedding dress gorgeous.

V-neck suit design wedding dress style is very chic, silver shiny face with a strong style of eye-catching eyes, the whole set of Look is full of domineering feeling. The tulle stitched in the skirt is mixed with the scent of the fairy, and the appearance of the orchid is too noble.

The goddess of the shoulder-cut style is unique and fresh, and the glass yarn ribbon on the shoulder has a transparent gloss, and the delicate soft texture is infinite.

Although the different neckline designs are not changed much, the visual experience can be completely different. One cross strapless neckline can soften the shoulder line, while the other wedding dress V-neck design is somewhat free and easy. You love that. What about a high-definition wedding dress?

For Romona Keveza, the new series 2019 also represents a new beginning of simplicity and modernity. Although there is only one layer of gauze, the impact force is very large, and the curvature of the chest is very delicate, which can achieve such a three-dimensional tailoring level, and the requirements for designers and editors are quite high. High-end custom wedding dresses are not only expensive, but the efforts and painstaking efforts of the craftsmen behind them are also important.

The V-neck tulle lace floral version is simple and elegant, and the French embroidered lace of the branches and leaves is deposited on the wedding dress. The complicated pattern is exquisite and elegant. It is so wonderful to match the layered phalaenopsis in the hand. Romona Keveza’s understanding of elegant knowledge is still very good. Thorough.

Is this temperamental Romona Keveza 2019 high-definition wedding dress the best choice for your wedding?

Nazar’s Wedding Dress Is Elegant And Generous, Even A Girl Has To Be Heart-Warming.

Speaking of the goddess Naza, her new drama, although the response is more general, but in this work her face value is still amazing. Her wedding dress gives a feeling of a fairy. In fact, she is not beautiful in the drama, it is her face value. In particular, this eyebrow does not know whether the stylist is too shaken or the level of appreciation is different from ours. This eyebrow is too long to draw into the temple, making people unable to vomit. The wedding dress is also very simple, but it is more elegant and elegant.

The Most Beautiful Father-In-Law Designed A Wedding Dress For The Daughter-In-Law: 150,000 Rhinestones, Not Much

Hello everyone, today, we will review a big wedding that will make our friends stunned!

How big is it? Probably the host family invited more than 1,200 celebrities from all over the world. The nightclubs in the church hotel were happy for three days and three nights. Then the bride changed four sets of handmade dresses in three days, and all of them were designed and made by her father-in-law. ? ? ?

Everyone must ask questions: “Which country is this royal family, or is the local tyrant in the Middle East coming in?”

The answer is not! The master who made such a big place is a well-known designer with more than 200 million US dollars. This is his eldest son and wife.

What is even more surprising is that this father is still the designer who specializes in wedding dresses and makes the brides around the world crazy. He is a world-renowned designer from Lebanon, Elie Saab (hereinafter referred to as ES).

Friends who are slightly familiar with fashion, are no strangers to ES’s classic works. A lot of pictures of luxury dresses spread on the Internet, almost all from the designer born in 1964.

Flowing dyed evening dress

Bishen, Mold, JLo

Gong Li

Aristocratic princess of various countries

And a custom dress on a celebrity

The dress that Harry Berry wore when he won the Oscar.

In the past ten years, ES brought the aesthetic design of the Middle East and Europe and the United States, which made him become the representative of the design circle “fairy luxury skirt”.

But ES’s old line is a wedding dress.

At the age of 17, he studied fashion design in Paris. At the age of 18, he dropped out of school and returned to Lebanon to set up his own store. He has been in the wedding design industry for 40 years and was the first non-original designer to enter the Italian fashion hall.

This home to do happy things, ES naturally made a housekeeping skills, personally designed the supervision, contributed four sets of unique expensive dresses for the daughter-in-law.

First Day

Last Thursday, the first day of the wedding, welcome parties before marriage.

The eldest son, Alley Saab II, wore a traditional blouse, while the bride Christina Mourad wore a white jumpsuit with a golden girdle on the waist and a cloak. It was very elegant. .

At the welcome banquet, ES also brought his wife to play. He wore a blouse, and his wife wore a dress that was designed by himself.

Among the guests attending the welcome banquet, there is a striptease goddess, and Dita Von Teese who has cooperated with ES many times.

Famous supermodel Karolina Krukova

Even the Prime Minister of Lebanon attended the meeting in person and congratulated the designer who made a great contribution to Lebanon.

The welcome banquet is over and the official wedding ceremony is held the next day. The highlight of the show, the long-awaited bride’s wedding dress, officially unveiled.

The Next day

ES’s wedding design has always been known for its luxurious design, all handmade, and extravagant materials. The wedding dress of her wife is no exception.

According to the official website, this dress was jointly produced by 12 wedding masters, which took more than 450 hours.

The whole silk is hand-stitched, and 150,000 Swarovski crystals are inlaid on the veil. On the veil of 4.5 meters, 500,000 sequins were sewed.

ES supervised every production process. At the time of final adjustment, he also adjusted the size of his daughter-in-law with his wife, and moved the girl to a mess.

An ordinary ES custom wedding dress, the cheapest is also more than 4,000 dollars, the bride wears this piece, really can’t count the price

At the wedding scene, the new people who took down the church held a ceremony under the attention of friends and relatives. The two newcomers also wore a full-diamond crown, the brand has not been disclosed at present, but it is also valuable at first glance.

After the ceremony was held happily, the next dinner was a dinner.

According to the Chinese people’s habits, the bride will change her wedding dress and put on a cheongsam or a dress, and greet the guests one by one. But ES’s dinner costume for the daughter-in-law is another wedding dress, but he’s “converges” on this set (not…)

It’s shorter than the morning wedding dress, and the bride’s second wedding dress is champagne. Without the diamonds on the neck, the skirts are still covered with Swarovski crystals and delicate hand embroidery.

The scene of the dinner can only be described as sly and tasteful. Under the decoration of several large moonlights, people started carnival under the moonlight.

In order to let everyone enjoy the fun, ES also invited several well-known singers in Lebanon to perform, and the large occasions where 1,200 guests attended, directly became a large concert scene.

The son and daughter-in-law also relaxed and cheerfully started the carnival. The final fireworks show directly brought the party into a climax.

The Last Night

The first two days were so high. On the third day, everyone should not take a break and prepare to go home. Then you think wrong, the goal of the ES family is to carry the carnival to the end.

After a lazy sleep, at the sunset, the last night of the wedding began.

This night’s party theme is “From sunset to sunrise from sunset to sunrise”. Everyone knows what it means. Everyone’s goal is to rise to the sun.

The bride once again put on the dress designed by the father-in-law, but this time there is no “grand” of the first two wedding dresses, but the water blue open waist design, with rhinestone flower accessories, both sexy and Middle Eastern costumes of the elegant ribbon.

On the last night, the wedding scene changed from the moon theme of the previous day to the red light. Everyone sang and danced to celebrate the big wedding that shocked Lebanon and fashion circles.

In the age of social media, the joy of the ES family naturally spread to netizens. Many netizens commented on the voice of the small partners.

Rich and generous, it’s so painful, the father-in-law designed the dress personally, and the mother-in-law took care of the bride all the time. Her husband’s eyes were full of love. This girl really saved the galaxy! (The girl is very low-key, there is not much information, but it is reported that her family and the ES family are the world, and the door is the one…)

After reading it, ES and his wife gave birth to three sons, and the remaining two were still not married.

Second son Celio

Do you think it is ok? You can clap your hands, let’s pray that we can meet such a family with love.

Wedding story source of love story

The wedding dress originated from a love story. In the 16th century, the Countess Richard, who loved to hunt, led the royal family to hunt in Fairy Tale Town, a small town in northern Ireland, and met Miss Rose, who was washing clothes by the river. The two were deeply attracted by each other’s elegant temperament, and then they produced love. The Earl of Richard, who was hunting back to the palace, boldly proposed the idea of ​​marrying and welcoming her to the farmer’s family when she was not allowed by the feudal society. The course was met with opposition from the royal family. In order to let the Count of Richard die, the Irish royal family presented an almost impossible task to Miss Rose – sewing a “white robe” overnight and reaching the wedding stand from the exclusive church of the Irish royal family. The length to the church door.

In the face of such stringent requirements, Miss Rose did not show weakness, but joined hands with the town’s young and old before the dawn to sew a 16-meter-long white robe with a minimalist design and without losing the royal flavor. . When this white robe was sent to the Irish royals, everyone was deeply touched and impressed by Miss Rose’s ingenuity. Miss Rose and Count Richard finally finally got a fairytale sacred wedding.

This is the origin of the wedding dress. Miss Rose, who became Mrs. Rose, also founded the robe (wedding) design company under the brand name Rose.Tama Town in her hometown———————————————– The first person to make a white robe for a loved one, passed down from generation to generation. Today, Rose.Madam has become a well-known royal wedding bridal brand.

Although the wedding is a ritual that has existed since ancient times in the world, the history of the bride wearing a wedding dress at the wedding is less than 200 years.

In the West, the dress worn by the bride on the hem was originally a Catholic dress. Since some countries in ancient Europe were a state of political and religious unity, people must go to church to accept the prayers and blessings of priests or pastors, so that they can be regarded as formal legal marriages. Therefore, the bride wears a formal dress to express sincerity and purity to God.

But before the 19th century, the bride dresses worn by the girls when they were married did not have uniform color specifications. Until 1840, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom presented a white and elegant white wedding dress at the wedding, and the brides of the royal family and the upper class followed suit. White began to become the preferred color of the wedding dress, symbolizing the beauty and holiness of the bride.

Nowadays, white wedding dresses are already the most important part of the wedding culture. In any country, in addition to retaining their own wedding costumes, more and more newcomers choose white wedding dresses. In addition, in the West, the bride will carefully preserve the wedding dress and pass it on to future generations, so that the holy wedding dress becomes a beautiful collection and a heritage of love.

Choose a wedding dress according to your body shape

Inverted triangle
Body characteristics: the shoulders are wide, and the proportion of the waist is coordinated.
Suitable for wedding dresses: The most recommended is the sling wedding dress, because she can make your shoulders look slimmer, revealing the collarbone and slender neck, which will shift your attention to your shoulders. At the same time, the tube top wedding dress is also very suitable, it is recommended to cover with a long veil.

Body characteristics: the upper and lower lines are small and undulating, straight.
Suitable for wedding dresses: Any type, the advantage of this figure is that you can easily control all the wedding styles. Although the curve is not outstanding, the range of choice is much larger. The bride with this shape chooses what you want to wear.

Apple shape:
Body characteristics: fleshy on the belly, the waist is fuller.
Suitable for wedding dresses: the puffed princess dress is the best for you, especially the high waist line wedding dress, so that the lower body is hidden in the skirt, the dignified atmosphere is the princess. The fishtail wedding dress is to be avoided. After all, the fishtail requires a higher proportion of the waist.

Western pear shape: body characteristics: the buttocks are very full, the cheekbones are wider. Suitable for wedding dresses: There is no doubt, because the buttocks are full, you can choose the fishtail, you can also choose the pettiskirt, one is revealed, one is hidden, after all, many sisters always feel that their ass is big, want to hide.

Hourglass shape: body characteristics: bumpy, chest and buttocks, slender waist. Suitable for wedding dresses: this type of body, every wedding dress is suitable. One of the most suitable is the fishtail wedding dress, which makes it easy to outline your curves. Every step you walk around looks graceful.